Pluczenik's strategy has resulted in a successful global business and outstanding financial strength.

Rough trading, manufacturing and marketing across the globe provides us with an unrivalled expertise which directly benefits our clients.


Founded in 1948 by Isaac Pluczenik in South Africa, the company has been shaped by its pioneering achievements. Known as “The Prince of Capes” for his success in developing this category, Isaac had a talent for recognising trends and pursuing opportunities. Rapid international development followed, first in Antwerp, then New York in 1960 and both Tokyo and Hong Kong in 1977. Growth continued in the 21st century, with offices and factories opening in China, Botswana, the Gulf and Namibia, further securing the foundations of a global corporation whose offices today span the globe.

Pluczenik is active in all key markets across all consumer segments. Complete jewellery programs for majors through to sales of large rare diamonds to high net worth individuals. Bespoke jewellery designs to special diamond cuts. In short, we always have the right products for your consumers.

Pluczenik’s magnificent diamonds are sold on every continent, from established markets such as Europe and North America, to new diamond devotees in South-East Asia and to emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, the Gulf and beyond.

Sales Offices

Our customers are supported by Pluczenik’s extensive sales network, with more than a dozen sales and representative offices.

Our staff members are all local nationals with an intimate knowledge of your market, each inspired by our shared passion for diamonds, and each supported by a unique global resource.

Polished Diamonds

The company’s master craftsmen cutting and polishing diamonds in Antwerp are complemented by skilled polishers in Pluczenik’s Botswana and Namibia factories. Partnerships with several specialist manufacturers in China, India and Israel provide access to further expertise.


Pluczenik’s high-end jewellery is mainly designed and manufactured in our studios and workshops just off the Place Vendôme in the heart of Paris and in the modern metropolis of Dubai. Additional resources are available in the USA, Hong Kong and China.