Pluczenik is renowned for its extraordinary strength in rare large diamonds, its unrivalled range of stones in all sizes and qualities and its beautiful jewellery designs.

Whether as a gift, an investment or a jewel for the red carpet, Pluczenik can deliver the diamonds you seek.

Contact us for the finest diamonds in any size, shape and quality, for all your projects from one-off jewellery pieces through to major national programs.


Our worldwide supply of rough:
your best guarantee for success

A Global De Beers Sightholder for over 60 years, Pluczenik also has Sights in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. Pluczenik is consistently one of the largest buyers of rough in the industry.

Pluczenik’s commitment to long-term and partnerships with its rough suppliers ensures we can deliver the rough diamonds you need for manufacturing or your downstream programs.

In addition to manufacturing in our own factories, we nurture an important trading activity in rough diamonds to support smaller or specialist manufacturers. Only a company with Pluczenik’s resources can meet their very specific needs.

The widest choice in all sizes

Pluczenik is a global leader in high quality large diamonds, but is also able to supply to stones in all sizes and qualities. We work with all the leading diamond laboratories to provide our clients with the certified diamonds they need.

Whether you are a private buyer, a global brand or a company looking for diamonds for your consumers, Pluczenik is the right address.

From private viewing rooms to sophisticated diamond investment programs, Pluczenik has the resources to meet even the most demanding buyer’s expectations.

Our master cutters create unique stones and patented special cuts such as our 144-facet Royal Cut® or our brilliant 96-facet cut®.

We develop and manage a number of highly successful private label brands for major retailers.

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The finest jewellery for every customer segment

Our integrated approach enables us to offer a comprehensive range of jewellery programs to wholesalers and chain stores at competitive price points, as well as designing and delivering unique pieces of couture jewellery.

Our designers in Paris, Milan, New York and Asia can propose designs to meet specific consumer targets and geographic markets. Our global network of factories in Europe, Asia and the US deliver a highly flexible mix of quality and price.

Our design and manufacturing atelier in Paris counts among its clients all the top brands situated in and around the Place Vendôme.

Pluczenik’s award-winning designs have repeatedly been chosen by De Beers for their marketing communications both in Asia and in the US.

Original art pieces

Plevé Jewellery: beautiful mosaics of diamonds that accentuate the brilliant sparkle and colour of each stone.

Diamonds of varying shapes and sizes are set, without use of metal prongs, snugly girdle-to-girdle, facet beside facet, blending colours together or contrasting with pure white diamonds in geometric or curving patterns and shapes, a feat never before possible with traditional metal jewelry settings.



Keeping your promises

In line with our policy of alignment with the sales and marketing strategies of our suppliers, Pluczenik is proud to be a Forevermark Diamantaire. Pluczenik was a member of the founding group of this important diamond brand.

Forevermark diamonds are inscribed with the promise that our diamonds are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.

Pluczenik is one of the largest Forevermark diamantaires, and also offers a range of Forevermark jewellery including award-winning rings, earrings and pendants sold through high-end independent jewellers.