Pluczenik was founded on innovation, when in 1948 Isaac Pluczenik was the first to recognise and develop single-handedly a world market for Capes.

The pioneering DD144 (with 144 facets) and the Pluczenik Cut (96 facets) have been great market successes, but our creativity goes way beyond just diamonds. Groundbreaking services, unique value-adding propositions, ingenious business models and partnerships are all part of our DNA.

New Markets

Bringing diamonds to the world

One of the first to develop the Japanese market for diamonds, to set up offices in China, to create joint ventures in all over the world, or even to launch revolutionary branded diamond jewellery collections, Pluczenik has always played a leadership role in developing new ideas and market opportunities.

That role continues today, developing demand for diamonds in the Emerging Markets, patenting unique new techniques for diamond settings, working with the financial sector to offer diamond investment packages.

Designers across the globe

A kaleidoscope of design

To nurture its lead, Pluczenik works with designers around the globe, both to reflect individual local tastes and also to create a kaleidoscope of cultural and design influences.

An Italian designer in Milan, a French jewellery atelier in Paris, a US artist in New York, a fashion icon in Hong Kong … all these are part of Pluczenik’s design team, bringing fresh and original ideas into the mix every day.


The New Art of Diamond Mosaics

A new diamond-setting technique that blends high-tech materials with the hand craftsmanship of an artist. This innovative jewellery concept allowing diamonds to be set in a clear ceramic, creating infinite mosaic possibilities, has attracted the attention of the press and, perhaps more importantly, the leading retailers.